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Title: Blown A Wish
Artist: My Bloody Valentine
Album: Loveless
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Once in love, I’ll be the death of you
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Monument is special to this album and to me. Its about space in time and defining oneself. Svein and Torbjorn and I were in a zone when we made it, it was like a dream. Like a meditation…

The Wishing Tree — dir. Tengiz Abuladze

We’re a species that has had a space station floating above the Earth for 20 years. We even have a rover on the surface of Mars. How can we be the same species that is telling people — legislators and legislation, in certain places — that tells women what they can and cannot do with their bodies? How is that possible? And when I say equality, I mean equality for everybody. Who are you telling who they can marry and who they can’t? What is this? This is 2014.
- Pharrell Williams. Hell yeah. (via the Huffington Post)  (via gaywrites)
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Title: Twin Peaks 8-Bit Theme
Artist: Chris Waldrop
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It’s because we haven’t sent a message as a community because we want to have our stories portrayed in cinema and celebrated, You think about the last big hit story about a Latino, a true story? The last one, I would say, is ‘Selena,’ and there’s no film about a Latino character, a biopic, that is not a person from the entertainment business. As if we had no input in politics and science or sports or whatever. It’s ridiculous, and no one wanted to take the risk to be the first.

[…]The thing is, this community has been represented in very disrespectful ways, falling most of the time into the cliche, and without that complexity and diversity that it has.
- Diego Luna, Can ‘Cesar Chavez’ Finally Make Hollywood Pay Attention to Latino Audiences? by Jordan Zakarin (via filmantidote)
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